A sexual harassment lawsuit can destroy a company’s reputation. A single incident can have a severe impact on your company. If you are in a position to implement company policy, the following four steps should go a long way towards identifying and preventing sexual harassment issues from occurring in your organization:


Bring awareness to your employees

Although education and training is only half the battle, it is a crucial first step towards preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. By talking about it, and showing that the company is concerned, your employees will think twice before acting inappropriately.


Zero tolerance policy

People need to know that if they do something they’re not supposed to, they will suffer the consequences. Merely having a policy won’t stop anyone from doing something wrong, not having a zero tolerance policy almost sends a message that you don’t take the issue seriously.

Encourage feedback

Let your employees know that your HR department is open to feedback. People should feel that they have someone who will take their concerns seriously if they were violated in any manner. Doing so will open the door to reporting and will let perpetrators know that you are not on their side.

Turn to technology

Companies rely on technology for everything from bookkeeping to call answering services. Sexual harassment reporting shouldn’t be any different. The best way to get your employees to share their negative experiences or to come forth with information is by implementing a good software system that allows employees to report their issues anonymously.

Implementing these strategies will bring awareness to your employees and will encourage them to help you identify sexual harassment issues within your organization. The more information you garner from your workforce, the easier it is for you do prevent misdeeds from occurring. Feel free to contact us so we can show you how our system can help your company take the next step towards identifying current issues and preventing future occurrences of sexual harassment.