How to Prepare Your Team for Change

Companies who anticipate and prepare for change set the pace towards achieving success because change is a constant in any industry. The fact that your enterprise will experience more change in the future implies that you need to prepare your workforce for the same,...

Not all Anonymous Tip Lines are truly Anonymous

Anonymity can be relative when the reporting process is in-house. On December 15, 2018, in a story carried by all the major news publications globally, it was reported that Barclays was penalized $15M for attempted security breaches by their CEO James (Jes)...

“Culture First” Strategy – A Means to Success

One company that has taken the workplace culture/personal life aspects to a whole new level is Box, Inc, (formerly Founded in 2005, this cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses has a unique level of dedication to their employees as well the company’s success. Box, Inc believes that by providing and nurturing an environment that engages, inspires, provides meaningful and challenging work, their staff is more engaged, and committed to succeeding, on the personal level as well as the organization.

Retaliation-Free Harassment Reporting: Is It Possible?

Workplace harassment is a common occurrence across the country, but, with the rise of the #MeToo movement, we have observed a dramatic increase in harassment reporting. What’s the problem then? If reporting has increased, why do many victims of harassment fear reporting their harassers? 

Inclusivity: A critical factor in Employee Retention

Inclusivity is an important element of every company’s culture, and employee retention. Here are insights to help you create a more inclusive workplace from Northwestern’s Clinical Assistant Professor of Leadership, Ellen Taaffe research on employee retention and inclusivity.