Working without harassment benefits the company and the employee

Every man and woman has the right to feel safe from harassment in the workplace. The benefits of shedding harassment are many: better productivity, longer term employment and reduced liabilities are among them. With many corporations ousting individuals who have a history of harassing others, more and more companies are making sure their employees are not dealing with harassment issues. Winning the trust of employees is not a simple solution. When employees have seen harassment cases covered up, it leaves doubt on how ethics guidelines are followed by those who are supposed to lead by example.

Questionable Ethics in the News

In the last year a number of organizations have been cited in the news. The New York Times and BBC News both reported on four dozen Google employees being let go for sexual misconduct, including over one quarter being senior management. The big payout and celebratory send-off of one executive raised doubts for many employees. What does this mean to employees of any company? How do people feel safe knowing that certain individuals get rewarded for bad behavior? How will individuals perform when they have doubts about the leaders of a company?

Asserting your Company’s Ethical Culture

Central to the issue of harassment is the vulnerability of the individuals who report issues, and are therefore exposed to greater harassment, or even loss of job and reputation. Employees should feel safe to report issues or share an idea without the fear of ridicule or job loss. A company’s Human Resource Department is a vital part of establishing that employee trust. Confidentiality is key to that trust in communications.

At Tellzen, our team is here to assist in establishing a trusting environment.  Engage and improve the culture within your company. As a first step, TellZen will provide you with a free, confidential employee sentiment survey. We invite you to reach out to our team for a free, confidential assessment to learn how your employees feel about your organization. Do they feel valued? Do they feel safe? Do they feel they can freely express concerns or ideas? By empowering your employees, you are building a stronger foundation for your company to thrive internally, and that will ultimately lead to successful, external results. We are here to provide you the tools to strengthen your company’s ethical reputation. For more information please contact the TellZen team.