Comprehensive Employee Experience Beyond Traditional Surveys

For many years, business owners had to use traditional employee surveys as a way to retain employees and avoid workplace violence. However, such days are in the past, and the proactive modern business owner needs effective ways of providing an employee experience that goes beyond annual surveys.

TellZen offers a flexible platform that accommodates all crucial departments, including HR and communication, performance, engagements, rewards, employee relations and more. The holistic employee experience comprises the following:


This looks into how the new employee adapts to the new work environment and what systems are in place to make the process of joining existing teams smooth and painless.


TellZen seeks to increase employee engagement rates by identifying and eliminating obstacles that keep employees from sharing and coming up with new ideas.

Culture D&I

This involves learning and understanding the cultural differences, creating harmony, promoting inclusivity and using your workforce diversity to share and collaborate ideas, benefiting from each other’s strengths.

Internal Communication

This employee experience encourages your employees to use existing internal communication channels or opt for safe, anonymous platforms where they can share their sentiments and genuine feedback about the company.

Peer Recognition

Recognition among peers is essential and every outstanding employee should be recognized for their extra input.

Performance Feedback

TellZen offers comprehensive performance feedback you can use to gauge your company against competitors and identify critical areas that need improvement.


Employee training is inevitable for modern businesses that must keep up with emerging technologies and changes. TellZen offers a unique platform that allows you to integrate, monitor and optimize employee training.

Change Management

You can get actionable insights as well as change management assistance to help you create a better employee experience that can boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

Employee Relations

Employee relations is another crucial area that can significantly impact productivity as it deals with how your workers relate with each other. Unfortunately, annual and biannual surveys touch on very few points to even come close to understanding employee relations.

Exit Interview

While saying goodbye to an employee is usually painful, TellZen’s platform will alleviate that pain by providing you with an exit interview. It offers deep thoughts and insights into your work environment and can help you create better working conditions and experiences.

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