As a director in HR, a company CEO, or anyone who holds direct power over your organization’s employees, it falls upon your shoulders to make your workplace peaceful and harmonious. Harmful issues such as workplace misconduct and harassment can quickly escalate if they are not dealt with properly. Even corporate giants like Microsoft and Intercom are not immune to these problems, and failure to address these issues in a timely and professional manner can wreak havoc on workplace culture.

The Challenges for HR

Recruitment and retention problems. Employees may resign if they feel that their concerns aren’t being validated, or if they feel unsafe. This makes it harder to hire new employees and keep the remaining ones.

“Open-door” policy. The idea of having your manager be readily available at all times seems like a great idea, but the concept does not work well in practice. Those in higher positions can quickly find themselves bombarded with complaints that they may not know how to deal with, causing them to lapse into reaction mode instead of discussing things further with a leadership team.

Unsatisfactory surveys. Having your employees participate in a survey can help you get a good idea of workplace morale, but not always. Most surveys are only taken once a year and can lack feedback that HR can use effectively. This could be due to a lack of trust between the employee and those in higher positions or employees not reporting workplace problems for fear of backlash.

If HR doesn’t know about growing workplace problems, they’re in no position to take action, and the company’s reputation suffers as a result.

How Can Company Leaders Help?

The answer is simple: empower your employees! Recognize their concerns and address them accordingly. When your employees feel recognized and respected, they will bring up workplace concerns whenever they arise, allowing leaders to stop them from becoming bigger issues. Schedule a TellZen demo today.

About TellZen

TellZen is a single confidential and interactive system that helps HR build trust with an organization to discover and manage workplace issues, increase engagement and retention and foster culture and diversity by empowering protected groups via mobile app, text or phone (hotline).