Employee Engagement results in increased productivity and employee retention rates.

The goal of employee engagement is to build an engaged workforce, increasing employee retention. According to Gallup research, 67% of the US workforce is not engaged. Building and maintaining employee trust is a substantial challenge.

Trusting Engagement is built through secure confidential communications.
TellZen’s Employee Relationship Management Platform is anonymous and interactive. Human Resources can create responsive anonymous surveys, newsletters, training and more. Without fear of retribution, surveys on sensitive issues are honest and direct.

With TellZen you can
– Communicate with employees for improvement ideas and reward management and making them feel valued and empowered employees
– Deliver surveys, newsletters, notifications, training and learning video across your employee base instantanously via TellZen mobile app.
– Receive feedback and learn of employee sentiment
– Capture and document communications for incident management and reporting

Utilizing an anonymous and structured feedback platform TellZen helps companies stay informed, profitable, and functional by providing essential tips and information that can help them build a more engaging work environment.

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