Employee satisfaction is a goal that produces demonstrable benefits; studies show that satisfied employees create healthier corporate wellness, exponentially improving business performance, employee retention and driving profits up.

Surveys have shown that promoting effective team communication, especially listening and taking actions as well as transparency, are the best ways of keeping your most productive ‘assets’ engaged and satisfied. Learn how listening to your employees can increase staff retention. This is an employee retention technique that is proven to work.

The Art of Listening

While some ‘perks’ are nice, they are no substitute for open communication in the workplace. Communication includes both listening and speaking. By mastering the art of listening, you will command respect, integrity, authority and come to be recognized as a leader.

Savvy business leaders listen carefully; they listen to their staff and peers, as well as their families and friends. Learn to listen carefully, especially in business meetings. All-to-often, only a very small percentage of what is said in these meetings hits home.

Why Listening is so Important

 Tony Schwartz of the Harvard Business Review writes: “The key factor is a work environment that…fully energizes employees by promoting their physical, emotional, social, mental,…and spiritual well being — or more specifically, the added energy derived from the capacity for absorbed focus and a strong sense of purpose.”

Epictetus, the Greek philosopher, wrote: “We have two ears and one mouth — for a good reason,”  making the point that listening is far more important than talking. One of the best ways to learn about hot-spots that need your attention is by listening to those around you. Improving Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is being credited for motivating and inspiring employees to open the channels of communication. It is only through transparency and regular communications that you can create the motivating, healthy workplace culture that is the keystone of employee engagement.

Opening Channels 

Whether your organization has semi-annual or annual reviews, more and more HR professionals are beginning to view this archaic system of meaningless paperwork as token efforts that yield few measurable results and have little to no impact on effective workplace communication.

The lack of open communications will stifle top performers; they accept that there is room for always room for improvement and thrive on encouraging feedback. If these needs are not met, they will seek ‘greener pastures’ for a place that will.

Active Listening

One process used for improving communication within an organization is a feedback loop; it is a correlative process, where both parties are engaged. Active listening is critical to this process.

An effective employee feedback loop is balanced; both sides act and react.

Here are the Four Core Elements:

1. Gather Information

Encourage employees to speak their minds. Tellzen’s, confidential employee engagement platform empowers your workforce, and helps to provide a infrastructure for feedback, helping to reveal your organization’s hot spots. It is only by asking some tough questions that you get to the crux of the matter to resolve issues and ensure that the organization will stay competitive.

2. Objective Analysis

Analyze the information you’re getting through an objective lens to reveal trends that you may not have been aware of.

3. Action – Reaction

Employees will come to recognize you care through your actions and reactions to anonymous surveys.  Learning to recognize issues as they crop up, confronting them directly and by acting within a reasonable amount of time demonstrates commitment, integrity, and leadership on your part.

4. Keep Them in the Loop

Don’t wait for employees to “see” your good deeds. Have open discussions with your team; let them know you are actively looking into their needs and that you are giving serious consideration to their feedback. The ultimate anonymity that the Tellzen engagement platform provides encourages sharing ideas and concerns, eliminating the fear of retribution or retaliation. Data collected are processed through off-site servers, ensuring no access from the corporation.

When employees realize they have access to a secure and anonymous outlet to engage in feedback surveys, such as Tellzen’s, they are secure in the knowledge that workplace issues will be addressed and resolved in an expedient manner.

Creating a workplace culture of reciprocal trust among leadership and staff promotes a culture of honesty and transparency. These ideal workplace cultures are much-sought-after, attract top talent and greatly improve retention.


Feedback loops empower everyone within the organization.  From this platform, you will be able to identify issues proactively or on their onset, allowing you to react accordingly and keep your company running smoothly. When you react promptly and effectively, everyone in your organization benefits.

Give your employees a persuasive reason to stay, and win them over consistently. By allowing small issues to pile up without communication or resolution, you risk losing your top performers.


Providing the opportunity for your staffers to have a say in organizational issues provides a sense of equity and ownership, encouraging them to work harder, thereby adding value to the company’s mission and objectives.

By promoting this sense of ownership, your employees will sustain a collaborative culture with a positive attitude in the workplace, improving retention. Employees learn how their input directly impacts the organization’s success; ownership increases their emotional partiality to your organization’s bottom line.

To learn more about Tellzen’s confidential employee engagement platform we offer a free demonstration and a Free Anonymous Employee Survey using the TellZen system. Please mail us at info@tellzen.com or call us at (617) 571-4609.