Unfortunately, the number of disengaged workers is far too high according to a poll by Gallup from 2000. It seems the 34 percent of employees from the Gallup poll that are enthusiastic about their job remains stagnant today. Many workers don’t feel emotionally or thoughtfully connected with their employer which leaves the door open for unproductivity and huge work related turnovers. The TellZen Employee Communication Platform is there to give your employees a way to identify with their job by discussing their workplace jeers with third party anonymity.

What Causes Company Disengagement?

Employee disengagement means your employees are simply coming to work and punching the time clock. What about coming to work feeling alive and eager to achieve? What leaves employees disengaged is yet to be discovered, but it cost the United States $450 to $650 billion in unproductivity fees each year. Employer’s have to take action if they want to stop this trend. In fact, the first step to improve active employee engagement is getting the leaders involved in the heart of what’s going on at the workplace. Many employees don’t feel like their management team is actively engaged in their job responsibilities which has trickled down to their employees. Improving employee engagement can reduce work related accidents, improve customer engagement, and create higher productivity. It’s true, employees want to feel like there’s room for professional development and TellZen can help.

How Can A Third-Party Help Your Business Boost Company Morale?

Networks like TellZen Employee Communication is designed to eliminated the ability to tamper with or identify the employee that’s reporting company irregularities. They have created a technology system that allows the information to be placed in a database and each employee is given a unique code which only remains available to the individual reporting the information. In turn, the information is housed on a server that’s completely protected. TellZen creates case examination and documentation of the matter that can later be assessed by the employer to improve employee engagement. TellZen opens up the lines of communication to help your employees feel better about having an active role in how things are handled and assessed on the job.

TellZen has figured out that communication helps employees remain innovative and realistically grow their skill set. Their target audience is Human Resources with a role as Human Resources manager. Large corporations can depend on their ethics and compliance roles to improve company engagement. They have the network base to take on large corporations with 50 to 2,000 employees. You’re invited to¬†contact us at TellZen for more details on improving your employee engagement and boosting employee morale today. We’ve created a unique system that allows your employees to thrive through communication.