Employee Engagement Is a Top Concern Moving into 2019

The editors at TellZen recently published a whitepaper on trends in HR for the coming year. Emerging at the top of the list was employee engagement for 2019. While employee retention and recruitment may have been the leading challenge for many HR professionals in the past, employee engagement has become the number one concern for HR professionals for the second year in a row. Cascade HR captured survey data that 40% of respondents believed it will be their biggest challenge over the next 12 months. Not far behind, recruitment and retention were also major concerns. Many companies are experiencing the same concerns. No matter where an organization is located, there is a way for management and HR to encourage employee engagement.
Read more by downloading the 2019 Research Paper: Trends in Employee Engagement.

Anonymous, Employee Communication Encourages Engagement

Allowing employees to reveal sentiments and actions without recrimination or harassment establishes a healthy working environment confidential reporting platform empowers employees to become engaged without fear of retaliation.

Tellzen Helps Organizations to Empower and Engage Their Employees

Tellzen offers a welcomed platform to guide organizational leaders to gain trust and encourage engagement from their most valuable resource, their employees. Tellzen has designed a confidential reporting platform for employees to engage in polls that are structured with simplicity such as their Free Employee Sentiment Survey. You can also request a demo to see how Tellzen encourages employees to share issues or feedback without fear of retaliation or discrimination.

Using the Tellzen platform, you will promote a culture of diversity and inclusiveness within your organization. Your organization will experience a trickle-up effect. Not only will you increase your employee engagement, but you will also increase your employee retention that may also contribute to quality recruitment applications. Your employees will also be valuable marketing tools. Your business will be more attractive to potential customers who see an engaged and productive company.

Even if you believe your organization has a satisfied and engaged staff, take advantage of our Free Employee Sentiment Survey, or sign up for our demo for more information. We believe we can make your internal and external operations even better. Read the research paper on Employee Engagement.