Developing a harmonious work environment that can augment workforce productivity can be a daunting feat to achieve. There are various barriers to productivity, ranging from communication to workplace security issues. Workplace violence statistics indicate rampant insecurity in different places across the world.

A recent example of the employee on employee violence happened on 12th February 2020. This tragic Boston scenario that resulted in the murder of a 5-year employee has once again raised awareness over the importance of having adequate employee insurance and HR channels for proactive approaches towards workplace security.

How To Ensure Employee Safety

Addressing employee safety is a tough ask for any HR teams. However, there are several tools available for new employee heads and CIOs. TellZen, for instance, offers a secure workplace communication solution that can help put things into perspective. With features such as the Free Anonymous Employee Survey you can use to capture employee sentiments and gather ideas you would never get in a face-to-face session at the workplace.

You also get an employee sentiment report and you can compare how your company ranks against other companies. However, ensuring employee safety involves various activities, including:

• Training and rewards – Involve training employees on the existing safety protocols, which must be implemented from the start. Creating a reward system for well-behaved employees can also encourage others.

• Partnering with occupational clinicians – It is recommendable to partner with occupational clinicians to help you monitor your workforce’s mental health and overall wellness. They can also help with first aid and workplace treatment.

• Set a protocol – Whether you prefer drug tests or have unique safety measures that must be met, it is essential to have a security protocol. TellZen offers your employees a safe, secure platform where they can voice their opinions and report any discrimination.

Workplace Security and TellZen

Book your TellZen Demonstration to learn more about empowering your employees to share feedback and concerns without fear of discrimination, isolation, or retaliation. We offer a unique secure communication platform that will protect your workforce and help them raise crucial concerns and give honest feedback you can use to grow your business. Contact us through our email: or telephone: (617) 571-4609 to learn more about how we can help with your workplace security.