The construction industry is starting to see gaps in the workforce as the older generation starts to retire and there are no new young workers to take their place. In order to be able to fill the gap, you need to rethink, reimagine, and reinvent how you attract young talent. The industry needs to strive to change the image of the construction trade as a fall-back and inform potential recruits it’s a good career choice.

Implement New Hiring Practices

When targeting new hires who may not have considered working in the construction industry before, you need to look at all of their experience and behavioral qualities, instead of focusing on the specific technical skills required for the job. You could otherwise be overlooking candidates who would excel at the job once they picked up the new skills they need. By bringing in fresh talent that you have trained will encourage them to find their true passions and stay more loyal in the long run.

Keep in Mind Company Culture

The younger generations are looking for companies that offer more than the traditional benefits. Construction companies should be engaging employees with ongoing training and mentorship opportunities to provide them the ability to move up to higher positions. Workers who feel a sense of accomplishment when they see what they’re creating will feel more fulfilled at work.

Utilize Modern Technology

In today’s modern world, technology is playing a bigger role than ever, and this includes the construction industry.¬†You can share the potential the construction industry offers through the use of social media to highlight the work your employees are doing. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your followers with open job opportunities as well.

Contact Tellzen When You are Hiring

When you are looking for help hiring the right construction job candidates, contact Tellzen for the tools you need. They bring you honest, actionable, and real-time insight to empower company culture and employee relations.