Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion have become complicated topics in the workplace, and the complications come from a lack of true communication. Employers having trouble with hiring and retention can rectify those issues through an evaluation of the current strategy, specifically their methods in handling minority groups. An important step to moving the needle on D&I is making work-life balance an opportunity for everyone regardless of what their individual lives entail.

Diversity in the Workplace

Talent comes in all forms, but not all talent is acquired and cultivated in the same way. For example, the LGBTQ community is a critically overlooked demographic in the professional world. Often, individuals belonging to this group feel that their work-life balance is a privilege denied to them. Even if it isn’t an active denial, failing to open a forum to communicate acceptance is a stance taken. Events that involve bringing the family to work is a dangerous prospect when that employee is in the same-sex relationship, due to the unpredictability of peer reactions and not knowing whether the company is in support of that minority group.

These problems aren’t limited to the LGBTQ community but apply to every minority. The workplace needs accommodations for those that practice a religion separate from the region’s standard. Employees that have migrated need the freedom to celebrate themselves and their culture without feeling like they’re offending others.

Confidential Workplace Communication

We offer a solution in the form of TellZen 3C Framework: Continuous, Confidential, & Interactive, and Complete Employee Experience Journey. We’ve developed an interactive communication platform that gives each employee voice in a psychologically safe space. Freedom to communicate confidentially and anonymously with management in a judgment-free setting. Minorities are the new majority. The workplace has become an amalgamation of varied perspectives and ideas, and nurturing this culture in the proper way can lead to explosive growth through unmatched creativity.

Contact us to get honest, actionable and real-time insight to drive engagement and retention, empower culture and enable proactive employee relations in a single platform to attract, engage and retain talent at your organization.

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