Employee trust is the driving force behind retention, productivity, and creativity at the workplace. Unfortunately, without trust, your team of workers are simply disengaged and merely showing up to work. Subsequently, many Human Resource professionals don’t understand the value of gaining and maintaining the trust of their associates. The experts at Tellzen understand; “You don’t know, what you don’t know” and they provide excellent support tools to help.

Low Company Morale? Here’s Why Your Business Should Build Trust

Consequently, it can be hard to gain employee trust when employees are spread out among multiple locations, language barriers exist, employees are unsure of their role, and/or are disengaged. Building trust should be the chief cornerstone of HR values within any organization by HR. In fact, a recent survey by TeamBlind found that among big-name corporations like Apple, Amazon, Bing, Google, and Microsoft, 80 percent of their employees did not trust the Human Resources department.

The ability to trust the HR department gives your employees the opportunity to work better as a team and build better engagement between employees and staff. Quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for professional help when you’re business needs to build trust among their department heads and staff members.

Why Employ The Services Of Tellzen To Build Trust Among HR & Your Staff

The experts at Tellzen understand that trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of any successful business. They offer a variety of services that includes:

  • increased communication
  • empowerment
  • training
  • tutorials/online app support
  • tracking
  • seamless documentation
  • employee anonymity

and more…

Their program allows your employees to feel valued at work while promoting diversity and culture. Best of all, your business has the benefit of employee retention. How does Tellzen do it? With a single comprehensive confidential Employee Relationship Management system with incident reporting and analytics. You can empower your employees, build trust, and help them feel good about their job!

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