Employees who are enthusiastic, committed and involved in the companies they work for tend to stay longer, and they are an asset for any employer. Although employee retention is at the heart of the success of every enterprise, it is necessary to consider how you can improve employee engagement so you can win back those who are not engaged.

Part of the challenges of working with disengaged workers is that they will quit immediately they find an opportunity elsewhere and they also increase the annual cost of lost productivity within your organization.

TellZen provides a single, confidential, and interactive system that helps HR build trust with an organization to discover and manage workplace issues, increase engagement and retention, and foster culture and diversity by empowering protected groups via mobile app, text, or phone (hotline). Here are tips on how you can enhance employee engagement as an employer.

Engage Your Employees

It is a fact that some of your staff members are good at what they do and that can tempt you to allocate them the same responsibility repeatedly because you are confident they will meet your expectations. The challenge, in this case, is that industrious workers can suffer burnout if you only focus their attention where they have become perfect.

Stretching the capabilities of your active employees by giving them new challenges will keep them engaged, and it will also reduce their desire for considering other opportunities elsewhere.

Empower Employee Connection

Managers who spend a lot of time in meetings or their offices without interacting with their employees tend to disconnect with them. In that case, it becomes difficult to understand the issues your staff members require you to address when you do not spend time with them as a manager.

Additionally, an open door policy is a habit every employer should consider embracing because it encourages open conversations among employees. When workers discover that you care about what they do and their concerns as you interact with them, they become more engaged in the workplace.

You can also consider adding technology, which empowers staff to share and it facilitates effective communication as well, which will enhance their engagement.

Appreciate Your Staff

Sometimes, receiving the acknowledgment of your superior after doing an excellent job is a hard thing to come by, which should not be the case. Employees value the validation they get from their bosses, and it can act as a source of confidence in handling the next responsibility. Appreciating your employees will go a long way towards improving their engagement and employers should consider adopting this strategy as part of their priorities.

TellZen provides a confidential employee engagement platform that encourages open communication, a diverse and inclusive culture, sharing of ideas among employees, mitigation of risk through anonymous ethics and compliance reporting, which results in the empowerment of the voice of minority groups.