Inclusivity is increasingly becoming an important element of every company’s culture and in the critical issue of employee retention. For some companies, it’s a true description of their workplace. For others, it’s a goal that needs strategic revision to achieve. With more and more pressure placed on companies to be more inclusive and diverse, many businesses are increasing their focus on company values and inclusivity programs.

To develop an inclusive culture, changes may be in order. Here are a few insights to help you create a more inclusive workplace from Northwestern‘s Clinical Assistant Professor of Leadership, Ellen Taaffe’s research on employee retention and inclusivity.

Uncover your unconscious bias

Everyone has unconscious biases. These biased can be gender- or race-related or they can be characteristics that you place value on, like alma maters, backgrounds, and hobbies. Uncovering these biases can help your leadership make decisions that are better for your company. Tools like unconscious bias training, books, and online videos can help you uncover them and work to be more aware of how they affect your workplace.

Make inclusion an opportunity for your business

Many businesses choose to frame a lack of diversity as a problem for their business, not a potential for opportunity. By sending a message that creating a more inclusive culture is an opportunity for the company to grow, it’s easier to encourage your employees to embrace any new initiatives. Introducing your workplace to new ideas and points of view can help you become a more innovative and competitive business.

Set objective standards and performance criteria

Develop clear standards and performance criteria so everyone knows what’s expected of them and how they can succeed. Leave factors that aren’t related to work out of the conversation. Evaluating all your employees by the same standards and objectives during performance reviews can help create a fairer system for employee growth.

Use data to drive your strategy

Introducing new initiatives without looking at why they’re needed and how your current policies affect your workplace isn’t effective. Before you begin creating a strategy for changing your company’s culture, you have to take a look at the numbers. In addition to quantitative data, you should utilize things like engagement surveys and exit interviews to get a bigger picture of what works and what doesn’t.

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