It’s no secret that American workers have faced an epidemic of lack of engagement at work for years now, Gallup polling shows that only 34% of American feel involved, engaged and enthusiastic about work. This number is clearly unacceptably low, but at the same time, it can be considered good news since it is the highest it’s been since this poll started in the year 2000. To any employer, these numbers are bad in all respects, since disengaged employees cost companies in the U.S. $450-$550 billion annually in productivity.

Where Does This Problem Come From?

The lack of employee engagement is a complicated issue, so it obviously is made of several existing issues compounding and causing employees to feel disengaged. One of the primary causes often pointed to is the detachments between workers and their workplace leaders. Far too often do workers in all fields feel that their bosses and managers are completely disconnected from them, which leads many towards a feeling of aloofness or even resentment in their place of work.

Employees generally want to feel engaged in their place of work, after all, it’s the place where they’re going to be spending 40 or more hours a week at. However, this becomes a difficult task when very often the employees rarely receive honest feedback and even more rarely are given the chance to give theirs to their superiors. When a worker is actively getting a response to the work they do and at the same time the company can respond to the feedback of employees it makes the workplace feel dynamic rather than stale and stagnant, encouraging employee engagement.

How Can an Employer Bring Engagement to Their Workplace?

The problem of a lack of feedback is easy enough to point to, but what is an actual and specific solution to this problem? In many cases, employees are hesitant to give their honest opinions on the state of their workplace due to a fear of their job or position being threatened because of it. A way to eliminate this problem is by using an employee communication platform that allows employees to give their thoughts on any number of issues in a streamlined way which will allow their employers to see what the largest concerns in the workplace are.

TellZen, a Way to Engage Your Workers

One software of this manner is TellZen. TellZen is a single confidential and interactive system that helps HR build trust with an organization to discover and manage workplace issues, increase engagement and retention and foster culture and diversity by empowering protected groups via mobile app, text or phone (hotline).

Engaging your employees is an effective way of increasing productivity and eliminating many morale-based issues. Should you be interested in engaging your workplace using this kind of software, then schedule a demo here.