Whistleblower Retaliation

In the past 20-25 years, corporate policies have changed radically in favor of those who suffer workplace harassment. While these mandated policies are important and necessary, they are not enough to protect the safety and livelihood of the brave whistleblowers telling their stories.

In 2015, Barclays PLC was fined $15 million after the New York Department of Financial Services discovered an executive’s extensive efforts to uncover a whistleblower. More than two-thirds of workers who filed sexual harassment complaints with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission say they suffer from retaliation.

It’s true that there are policies in place to protect those suffering from harassment. Major shortcomings exist, however, when it comes to protecting the careers and defamed reputations of the whistleblowers.

The Solution

If companies want to truly protect their employees from retribution on behalf of the powerful and privileged, they need to go a step further. They need to adopt a proven solution to ensure no one is penalized for sharing the truth.

Whistleblower Retaliation Prevention

Whistleblower retaliation prevention must start with confidentiality. Complete confidentiality is the only solution when the retaliation can come from any level within an organization. This confidentiality also protects the company from any inference of bias or selective retaliation. TellZen provides a secure, confidential workplace communications platform. Email, text, phone, TellZen provides multiple methods of communication, and allows the individual reporting the information to remain anonymous, ensuring confidentiality when reporting any issues: harassment, compliance, theft, ethics or other problems. It leaves wronged employees empowered and free to expose illegal behavior. Tellzen allows whistleblowers to reveal their identity at any time in the reporting process. If they wish to remain permanently anonymous, they can opt to never reveal their identity. The power rests with the whistleblower and the whistleblower alone.

What TellZen creates is a culture of true accountability for your entire company, from the top down. Most importantly, Tellzen protects the employees of your company from fear of reprisals. It also protects your company itself from the bad actors who act improperly and illegally. It helps give companies the evidence to eliminate harassers while creating a better environment for your remaining workforce.

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