Prevent Workplace Incidents by Empowering Employees

A problem employers face when trying to prevent workplace incidents is getting their employees to report the problem. There are many reasons incidents and issues don’t get reported, and the fact is that many accidents, crimes, interpersonal issues within the workplace are preventable but still happen. Management wants to make sure that their employees understand safety practices and how to report concerns, but the employees still don’t report incidents. Here are three reasons that employees don’t report many things that happen at work and how TellZen can help.

Fear of Retaliation

Many employees report that fear of retribution for ‘blowing the whistle’ or being a ‘tattle-tale’. The fear that reporting to their HR isn’t truly anonymous, and that speaking with a manager or peer about the issue could endanger their job or status with the company. A study conducted by showed that at least ten percent of workplace injuries go unreported. A study by Percy, Hughes & Roberts suggests that the number could be as high as thirty-eight percent. This extends far beyond workplace injuries and safety concerns. Sexual harassment and violence in the workplace are also notoriously under-reported.

They Feel Ignored

The engagement of the workforce is low. According to this Gallup article, up to seventy percent of employees don’t work to their full potential. Many factors influence how engaged employees are, but the growing research shows that many employees feel ignored and don’t report problems they see. Employees report issues and voice concerns more often when they feel like they will be heard. TellZen helps create a line of communication between employees and their managers. It creates an open dialogue and helps generate actionable ideas to improve the company and its culture.

It’s Not Easy Enough

Companies often have open-door policies and processes in action to try and encourage their employees to report issues. Almost as often employees are not aware of how to take advantage of these policies and are cautious about asking others how to report issues. Reporting even a small issue will often be seen as taking up too much time. Unreported problems don’t often resolve themselves and continue to build up until it’s too late. Many companies don’t have supportive processes or software in place that make the anonymous submission of reports as easy as e-mail. TellZen supports the employee with a simple process for reporting issues or incidents.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Prevention is all about being ahead of the ball. Instead of waiting for something to happen in your workplace to change the way you connect with your employees, establish a relationship now. Work with TellZen to bridge the gap. With TellZen you can provide your employees with the platform they need to report issues and to connect with management.