Single Issue Type

$1 per month

  • Single email group – Company
  • Single questionnaires for all the issue type
  • All issues reported to HR
  • Monthly employee communication
  • Quarterly
  • Standard Template
  • Quarterly
  • Support via email with response within 3 days.
  • US Only


Multiple Issue Type

$2 per month

  • Multiple groups based on departments or locations
  • Multiple custom questionnaires for each issue Type (Sexual Harassment, Compliance, etc.) with detailed workflow
  • Custom Workflow based on issue type and involved parties.
  • Monthly employee communication
  • Monthly customized to each company
  • HR Approved Communication
  • On Demand
  • Support via phone and email with response within a day
  • US, Canada and UK


Unlimited Issue Type

Contact Us

  • Contact us for Custom Pricing
  • Global
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  2. TellZen will contact you to manage configuration and with your access to the system.
  3. TellZen will reach out to your employee using your company alias email as per your package, any reported issue will be alerted to user.