The psychological health of your workforce can determine your business morale and success. Neglecting what your employees need psychologically is a recipe for a workplace disaster. Ignoring what your employees need mentally can damage the relationship with your workers and lower your retention rate. According to Psychology Today online, “today an unhealthy work environment for an employee costs American businesses an estimated $300 billion in performance, absenteeism, and health costs.” How is your HR department providing a better workplace environment for the mental health of your employees? Here are 10 tips to ensure you’re providing a psychologically safe environment for your employees. 

10 Tips To Improve The Psychological Safety Of Your Employees

#1  Discuss Mental Health In The Workplace 

According to, “your HR department should discuss anxiety, depression, stress, and the importance of good mental health.” Your talk should include an open discussion with all your employees. Make sure your managers help your employees know that your workplace understands everyone struggles with mental health issues.

#2 Offer In-House Resources 

Employees may downplay many mental health issues as stress. TellZen offers top-down and two-way conversational tools to provide your employees with in-house communication tools that allows employees and your HR department to communicate honestly about any work-related issues anonymously. Employees that feel like they can discuss work related issues without fear of retaliation are more likely to discuss any feelings of depression and anxiety. 

#3 Make Wellness A Workplace Priority 

Your HR department should educate and participate in health and wellness programs. Businesses can offer incentives for employees that participate in health and wellness programs or offer free gym membership. Healthy employees reduce absenteeism and health-related costs. Educate your employees on the importance of:

  • eating right
  • getting enough sleep
  • and exercising 

 #4 Support Your Employees Efforts To Get Help 

Many employees won’t hesitate to take an off day to see a dentist, but may be more reluctant to request time off to see a therapist. Your HR department should let your employees know it’s alright to get help with their mental health issues without the risk of retaliation or permit a flexible work schedule to allow an employee to get therapy. 

#5 Reduce The Stigma Around Mental Health 

Your HR department should let your employees know they won’t be penalized for getting help with their mental health issues. By being supportive of your employees, your company is reducing the stigma of work-related mental health issues and creating a better workplace psychological environment for your employees. Employees need to know they won’t be punished for having a panic attack or fired for getting therapy. 

#6 Your Employees Should Feel Safe 

There should be strict policies in place to protect your employees against sexual harassment and bullying. In fact, the policies set in place against this type of employee conduct should be strictly enforced. Listen to what employees are saying (especially to each other) and take complaints seriously. 

#7 Offer Coverage

Along with other health and dental benefits, businesses should offer mental health coverage benefits. This will encourage your employees to get help if needed and show your compassion for improved psychological health. 

#8 Evaluate Your Employees 

How is your HR department responding to mental health? How big is your employee workload? Positions are always changing and should be consistently evaluated and reevaluated to ensure your employees are not being overworked. Each employees should have the tools they need to perform their job properly. 

#9 Reward Your Staff For A Job Well Done 

Your employees deserve to be rewarded for a job well done. Offer a casual work day, company activities/outings, or time off. According to a Harvard Business review, “employees are motivated by rewards and punishment.” What incentives do you currently have in place for hard work?

#10 Get Involved 

When you’re actively engaged in participating in mental health and wellness with your employees, they’ll be motivated to discuss their issues or seek help. Show compassion, being willing to communicate with your employees, and actively participate in work-related psychology exercises and programs. 


Promoting an improved psychological workplace environment is the key to a balanced life/work for your employees. You want your employees to perform their best, but being in good psychological health is important to be their best. Positive mental health starts with leadership to your employees. Be observant when you’re employees say something is not right and be able to tell your employees when something is going wrong. In fact, even a messy or unorganized workplace can impact your employees psychological health. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting professional help with improving the psychological health of your employees. A professional will have the tools and resources to help your employees handle their issues with pride, keep your business compliant, and avoid liability costs. The quality of workplace mental health is costing many businesses millions of dollars each year. If you aren’t using the above mentioned tips to improve your psychological work environment, your business isn’t doing enough. 

Why Business Professionals Rely On TellZen 

At TellZen, we’re focused on continued improvement. We understand how breaking barriers and providing anonymity can encourage better psychological health. Our comprehensive communication, impact, and timing tools help boost employee morale. We take actionable, yet identifiable steps towards improving employee trust. 

For example, TellZen: 

  • curves the fear culture
  • focuses on disengaged employees 
  • finds ways to satisfy your employees 
  • decreases turnover 
  • increases profits 

and much more… 

We value your employees, but also ensure your business is kept protected and kept safe. 

You’re invited to contact us at TellZen to discuss ways to improve your psychological workplace environment today! 

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