Workplace harassment is a common occurrence across the country, but, with the rise of the #MeToo movement, we have observed a dramatic increase in harassment reporting. What’s the problem then? If reporting has increased, why do many victims of harassment fear reporting their harassers?

Retaliation Stagnates Progress

Reporting harassment should solve the problem and prevent future instances, but what if your employer or harasser doesn’t take the report quietly? Retaliation is the greatest fear of would-be reporters and is a common occurrence in cases of harassment. Face-to-face reporting can feel daunting, and the risk of one’s career can be reason enough to remain silent.

The TellZen platform seeks to mitigate this obstacle by implementing our anonymous feedback system. Via emails periodically sent to employees, unique organization numbers allow employees to report issues or feedback through text or a specific survey link. Our proprietary encryption technology protects the employee’s identity while notifying the employer of the report. Necessary information to proceed is exchanged directly and anonymously, while detailed reports are used to create training content for the next period email.

Why Is Anonymity Essential?

The legal route to address harassment fails for most people. With two-thirds of those that have reported harassment stating that they have suffered retaliation such as job transfers or even being fired, anonymity in the reporting process is more essential than ever. Most harassment goes unreported due to the fear of retaliation, so we at TellZen have made it our goal to create a platform that is not only easy to use but also protects the employee.

With retaliation being a common outcome from reporting harassment in the workplace, businesses can no longer afford to overlook these issues and wave anonymity. We at TellZen strive to create a safer, more productive workplace environment by allowing employees to simply work, without the fear of being mistreated. Contact us today to find out how we could help your business be the best it can be, all the while protecting your most valuable asset, your employees. Read our whitepaper research report: #MeToo A Year Later.