High turnover can be a major issue for your business. If employees aren’t sticking around, you’re constantly having to train new people and you’re not able to benefit from the knowledge that long term employees provide. Forbes recently ran an article about this issue titled, Have A Turnover Problem? 15 Ways To Find Out Why Employees Are Really Leaving. Here’s a quick rundown of the major points:

  • Create a safe place for feedback.
  • Implement ongoing engagement interviews.
  • Gauge employee’s enjoyment of their daily work.
  • Continually check the pulse of your organization.
  • Seek feedback often and listen to it.
  • Dig deeper to find out if it’s people or processes.
  • Ask current employees why they stay.

Notice any themes running through all those points? There’s a big one. It’s communications. Every single one of the tips Forbes provided had to do with opening lines of communication between employees and management.

Why Is Communication So Important?

If you want to have any idea of your employee’s experience, and therefore, how likely they are to stick around, you’ve got to open those lines of communication. It’s the only way to do it. ┬áStanding around watching might give you some information about how things are running, but people keep so much inside. You’re never going to get the whole picture without some open and honest communication. The problem that we then run into is that it’s hard to get an employee’s honest opinion since they’re usually pretty concerned with keeping their job. Most employees are going to keep at least some information to themselves if they think it could negatively affect your opinion of them. So what can you do?

Open Communication With the Confidential TellZen Employee Engagement Platform

TellZen is a workforce engagement platform that provides confidential employee communications in a retaliation free environment. Employees are given the opportunity to, tell it like it is, and the information is passed to management in a completely confidential and anonymous method, through the proprietary TellZen servers. Employees feel free to express whatever emotions or opinions they’re experiencing, without the threat of punishment or retaliation. As you can see from the list by Forbes above- that’s good news for companies. With high levels of communication, you’ll have the chance to recognize and solve issues, before you lose good employees over it. Visit TellZen to learn more and see what this remarkably honest program can do for you and your turnover rate.