Employee Psychological Safety

Who says, “what’s going on with an employee isn’t a work-related issue?” According to the Psychological Wellbeing at the Workplace International Journal, “psychological wellbeing is related to both work and personal life outcomes.” Psychological safety is paramount if an HR department wants to open up the lines of communication and build trust with its employees. Your organization experiences silent productivity loss over time when your employees are afraid to come forward with issues concerning their psychological wellbeing.


What Can Your Business Do To Improve Psychological Wellbeing

The suicide rate among the US working-age population increased by 34 percent during 2000-2016. How is your HR department addressing psychological related issues? Your business has to be willing to discuss psychological wellbeing and have a system in place to address these issues with your employees.


Why Is It Hard For Employees To Share Their True Thoughts

The best way to get your team to be candid about their wellbeing or have a discussion about their psychological health is through communication. Most employees find it hard to discuss the psychological issues they’re experiencing because of the stigma behind mental health-related matters. If you remove the stigma by being open with your employees about their psychological health, you can help with issues that can impact their performance.


How TellZen Resources Help Your Employees

At TellZen, we believe in anonymity! To foster a trustworthy and healthy work culture, your employees need to express themselves with resources and tools that provide help, but also allow them to remain anonymous. Secondly, we encourage communication between leaders and employees. For example, our interactive mobile communication platform allows employees to voice their opinion, give feedback, share ideas, and recognize peers. With continuous 360 employee feedback, you can hear the voice of every employee in a psychologically safe place.

TellZen 3C Framework Program features:

  • continuous vs. once a year feedback
  • confidential conversation
  • honesty vs accolades
  • dedicated to real change
  • quality skill
  • find peer mentors

Say goodbye to assumptions and hello to insight!

If you need more details on how to improve the psychological wellbeing of your employees, you’re invited to contact us at TellZen.