Suicide is becoming a more serious issue among American workers. Though it’s a difficult topic to approach, it cannot be ignored. Read on to learn more about the causes behind this matter and what employers can do to help promote psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

Who Is Most At Risk For Suicide?

While suicide rates in the US have risen in general over the past few years, there are workers in a few industries who are at particularly high risk. For men, the construction and extraction industry currently has the highest suicide rate, while for women, it’s the arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media industry. A lot of these workers have jobs that can be demanding or isolating, or find that their work is high-stress. And when these workers are experiencing a mental health crisis, it’s hard for them to know where to turn.

They may feel pressure to keep their struggles hidden because of the stigma that mental illness carries. Employees may be scared of being judged as incompetent or unstable by their peers, and they may fear repercussions in their work.

A New Way to Approach Suicide Prevention

Employers can be on the front lines fighting for suicide prevention. It’s important for employers to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness in their employees, and reach out to those who may be struggling, so HR can step in and offer resources and help. Keep an eye open for workers who seem to be isolating themselves from their peers, or those who seem to have a shift in personality.

It can also be immensely helpful for employees to have a judgment-free place to voice their opinions and ideas without fear of repercussions. TellZen offers employers an interactive mobile communication platform for employees to disclose any struggles they may be having in a psychologically safe space. This can be used as a tool to reduce the stigma around mental illness and suicide by opening up the lines of communication in the workplace.