Solving the Implementation Issues of Title IX Through Technology

In 1972, Title IX aimed to undo centuries of discrimination at the college level. Over the past 48 years, progress and change have been slow. Even well-meaning universities have struggled to fully implement Title IX reforms, and the students it’s meant to benefit don’t trust that the schools have their interest at heart. Because of the threat of retaliation, affected students are hesitant to report issues that Title IX should address: sexual harassment, rape, mental issues, and so on. Title IX was implemented to help struggling female students but school power structures often prevent it from happening.

No one truly trusts an “anonymous” reporting program. Since 1972, universities have demonstrated their desire to protect those who offend instead of those who report it. With the threat of retribution and a pessimistic view of anything changing, why would anyone make an anonymous report in the first place? In its current state, Title IX is largely unable to protect vulnerable students. A solution needs to be created that facilitates truly anonymous contact and allows suffering students the ability to make their voice heard—without putting themselves in danger.

The TellZen solution

The TellZen mobile app was developed for anonymous communication within corporations. Employees have true anonymity when reporting issues in the company, and supervisors have the ability to honestly interact with them. Neither side is forced to personally identify themselves and open communication allows them to work together and resolve issues. In plenty of case studies, companies that implement the TellZen app report increased trust between different management levels along with sharply increased employee satisfaction. Communication is especially hard when employees fear they can be punished in retaliation. TellZen isn’t a magic cure-all for office issues, but it helps get the truth out without putting anyone at additional risk.

This app can also be used within a school setting. Since every school is required to have a Title IX administrator, that person can configure the TellZen network to allow safe and anonymous reporting to come straight to their desk. We at TellZen are happy to assist your administrator in the setup process and ensure that everything reports as intended. Bringing the software in house will go a long way toward making sure Title IX reports go to the right place and get handled correctly.

TellZen capabilities

The Title IX admin will have access to the following capabilities within TellZen:

Case Management. Every report within the software will open a new case. This allows the administrator to focus on one case at a time but ensure that everything is eventually resolved. With the ability to track cases on the administrator and client side, anonymous reporters will never have to worry that their complaint was shoved into a file drawer somewhere. They’ll be able to follow along as the investigation takes shape, all without fear of it coming back to them.

Reporting Templates. When a student has suffered a traumatic experience, simply reporting it is an act of bravery. The TellZen software does everything it can to assist in this process. Reporting templates allow the student to make a report without having to sit down and relive the experience in detail as they type out an essay.

Analytics. Reports in the system display total case numbers, along with factors like average time to resolve and the satisfaction of the reporters. Analytics will allow the university to display how they’ve improved over time and how much things have changed since the old system. Changes like TellZen implementation can take time to gain the trust of students, but the built-in analytics will demonstrate how quickly things change.

Successful Case Studies

TellZen’s Case Studies do an excellent job of demonstrating the software’s use across different industries. In the hospitality industry, awkward shifts and multiple locations made it difficult for employees to communicate with management. Some night shift workers reported feeling unheard and mismanaged. TellZen allowed them to register their complaints and open a line of communication without risking their employment. One company reported an immediate 4% jump in margins over the course of a month after implementing TellZen.

TellZen also made improvements in the banking industry. In one of their case studies, they encountered a common problem: bad actors in the organization allowed to go unnoticed and unpunished. Through anonymous and interactive communication with HR, banking employees were able to register their complaints without facing retaliation. TellZen changed the employment culture simply by facilitating communication.

Finally, TellZen released a case study about their work in the gaming industry, which ended up being surprisingly relevant to Title IX. In the male-dominated gaming space, a company reported to TellZen that their minority, female, and LGBTQ members of the company were feeling fearful and wary about emotional abuse from the aggressive male population. But as TellZen provided a solution for them to report their concerns safely and anonymously, things improved for the company. They reported sharply increased recruiting rates. In a company that values their employees, many are likely to bring their friends on board.

Why TellZen is critical for Title IX

Similar to the gaming industry case study, Title IX implementation rests on supporting non-male students. Because so many schools have a patriarchal history, bias is built into processes both conscious and unconscious. Well meaning administrators can doubt serious issues just because that’s how things have gone in the past. Implementing TellZen provides a strong history and record of allegations. After the transition period to full implementation, Title IX issues will be resolved more quickly and seriously. 

Title IX compliance is critical for any university. Just because it hasn’t always been implemented perfectly in the past doesn’t mean schools should stop trying. Administrators owe it to their students to keep them safe, and effective anonymous reporting is a major step in making that happen. “Anonymous” reporting has failed in the past and a new solution is necessary going forward. TellZen is a huge leap in anonymous reporting capabilities and effective utilization will create a safer campus. For more information about how we can help your school adhere to Title IX, please contact us today.