The conversation around the younger generations adapting to the workplace is an important one, and the TellZen 3C Framework: Continuous Confidential Conversation helps put things into perspective. The latest generations to join the workplace are Gen Z (Centennials) and Millennials. The next generation workforce offers some great insights into their idea of a favorable employer and how their challenges have prepared them for the workplace.

5 Ways To Inspire The Next Generation Workplace

1. Supportive management

An environment where the management is supportive is ideal for these young generations for them to give 110%. They are purpose-driven and will tend to be stubborn and committed to their cause but they deliver.

2. Creating a flexible schedule

The younger generations are prepared to work hard, but they have demands on the schedule. They require a flexible schedule for them to give their best. They may not be that committed to the 9 to 5 routine but they will still meet their project deadlines.

3. E-Learning

These young generations are tech-savvy, and their lives revolve around technology. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, younger generations adapt to technology quickly. 73% of Millennials and 63% of Gen X felt the internet was a good thing for society. It would be motivating to them and of great benefit to their employer to introduce e-learning training programs to further their knowledge and increase their productivity at work.

4. Creating Project Roles

They should be given more business innovation roles as they excel at innovation. These younger generations have not had it easy since a college degree today does not guarantee a white-collar job; hence tend to be more open-minded and entrepreneurial as a way of making the best out of a bad situation.

5. Mentorship

Though these younger generations are considered a restless lot, they appreciate feedback and communication. With constant mentorship, a company will not have to worry about high employee turnover.


Understanding the younger generations and their culture is essential in increasing productivity and retaining them in the workplace. For a TellZen secure workplace communication solution visit our website. You can also participate in our free anonymous employee survey here.

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