How To Significantly Impact Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusivity, and Employee Relation initiatives with Honest, Actionable Employee Insights, lacking from current solutions, in less than 90 days

Case Studies


Hospitality Industry – Finding next superstars

One of our customers in the hospitality industry with multiple workers, multiple locations and hourly to full-time managers struggled with finding talent and losing great employees. They wanted to build on the core values of family and loyalty. Annual reviews were limited by each manager. Many minority groups (Women, Veterans, LGBTQ, Religious) were afraid to speak up and share their ideas out of fear of ridicule and repercussion. The night shift workers also had no means of communicating with their manager to report wrongdoings or share their ideas. As you can see, more than 75% of employees were untapped potential for our client’s organization.

By leveraging TellZen’s confidential and interactive mobile APP our customer empowered its entire workforce to share valuable ideas on a regular basis and they were able to receive immediate feedback.  By sparking enthusiasm and innovation among its workforce, hotel and guest operations margin improved by 4% within one month. They successfully launched an “Idea of the Month” campaign resulting in continuous improvement in the organization.

“Flatlining our organization from 30 different locations into a 1-1 relationship has helped me find our next superstar. That was only possible using TellZen. We knew we had talent across our organization. Unleashing talent and finding new ideas from empowered employees really excites me about our company’s future” – COO of Hospitality Company

Banking Industry – Empowering Employee Voice

Like any organization, our client had issues of finding a bad apple within the organization. Most of the time it was during the exit interview, or even as late as a lawsuit before our HR client even knew about the issue. They even had hotlines and web-based applications for people to report any bad behavior.  Employees tend to be easily intimidated by the bad actors especially since bad actors coerce with false promises manipulating their people.  As a result, employees are scared because of fear of job loss, retaliation and becoming a social outcast.

TellZen fixes all this by keeping potentially bad actors in check.  No longer are employees intimidated, manipulated or scared of job loss because the TellZen Mobile App provides anonymous and interactive communication with HR and upper management.  In addition, TellZen enables most people who want to do the right thing, by helping them report issues when they see something is wrong without any fear. In conclusion, our client was able to transform the organization’s culture from that of fear to that of total employee empowerment

“TellZen is insurance for us as it prevents a bad apple in the organization from acting up” – Senior HR Business Partner Bank

Technology Industry – Finding Actionable Employee Insights

Like most companies, our HR client was using Employee Engagement Surveys once or twice per year. The problem with annual surveys is that issues occur throughout the year. Some of the feedback is incomplete and frankly not honest. Our HR client became frustrated because the data received had no actionable insight for them to make meaningful changes.

TellZen helps HR with the ability to provide continuous engagement with their employees using surveys, interactive corporate communication, idea competition, training, peer recognition etc. resulting in very actionable insights. Employees can communicate directly to HR whenever they want whether by giving feedback, sharing new ideas, and even reporting on real-time issues. Employees feel valued resulting in increased retention. HR is now equipped with far more data points in order to make better decisions around things such as spotting trends and pinpointing problems both of which make them more proactive HR leaders.

“We can’t afford to lose top talent in our company and learn the reason when it’s too late. TellZen provides us with the insight we need to be proactive HR leaders.” VP of HR

Gaming Industry – Engaging diverse & unengaged employees

One of our clients in the gaming industry was facing a unique challenge which is common across all organizations.  Did you know that female and LGBTQ gamers are reluctant to reveal their identity out of fear of being emotionally abused by their male gamers? They end up carrying those fears into the workplace. HR leaders are constantly challenged to increase adoption among the senior leaders in their company who view Diversity & Inclusion as simple buzz words.  As a result, companies fail to improve their bottom line, innovate and attract new talent when their employees are not empowered.

With the TellZen interactive mobile app, minority groups in the company feel comfortable and safe sharing their opinions without any fear.  This helped our client engage the most disengaged group in the company further improving their retention rate, and tapping into new ideas and talent.  Our client was able to educate their workforce with interactive, periodic communication and training, while measuring the feedback to create a sustainable D&I environment. Ultimately, this client’s recruiting rates soared as employees were proud to help recruit their friends into an empowered work environment.

“Idea of complete anonymity for whistleblowers or victims of harassment is a wonderful benefit for our workforce. On the positive side, our employees may feel more obliged to share ideas as they don’t fear repercussion for invalid ideas” – HR Director at Fortune 100 Organization


Truly Engage your Employees Using A Confidential and Interactive Mobile Application

Ideal for an organization looking for real-time Issue Reporting, Compliance Reporting,  Employee Safety & Employee Engagement.

Gather Honest Feedback from your Employees Using Confidential and Interactive Unlimited Surveys

Ideal for an organization looking to improve Employee Engagement, Cultural Survey, Job Satisfaction, and improving Inclusivity.

Excite your Entire Employee base Using Confidential and Interactive Idea Generation (Hint Hint: Talent is all over the organization, one needs to ask and reward them)

Ideal for an organization in need of Process Improvement, Innovation Management, Employee Rewards, & Inclusivity.

Provide and measure training without traveling or scheduling challenges using the TellZen mobile App

Ideal for an Organization like Retail, Fast Food, Hospitality with Multi-location, Non-standard working hours to conduct and measure training effectiveness.

Empower Confidential, Retaliation-Free Issue Reporting for your Employees Using Interactive Mobile Application or Texting

Ideal for an organization with zero retaliation policy looking to further improve employee empowerment.

Ensure Compliance Reporting using TellZen Reporting dashboard

Ideal for an organization reporting to state or other regulatory board for compliance or safety

Efficiently Manage Employee’s Issues, Idea, and Feedback using a Single employee case management system whether its audio, video or text

Ideal for 200+ employee team to manage all the employee issues and feedback into a single system

Identify issues and ideas from honest employee interactions using TellZen Analytical Dashboard

Ideal for a Management team and HR leaders looking for real-time employee insights (Employee NPS, Cultural NPS, Critical Issues, etc.)

Identify, Celebrate and Reward Silent Superstars Using TellZen Peer Recognition

Ideal for an organization implementing peer recognition system and idea generation with reward management

Organize other ad-hoc use cases such as exit interviews, benefit feedback, M&A, etc using TellZen

Ideal for Mid to Large company looking to organize all the information into a single system


Jesal Sangani – Founder & CEO

20+ years in the technology industry with 5 plus startups generating millions of dollars in revenue and enterprise value. His passion is creating customer value by solving their problems. No problem is too big or too small! Jesal lives with his wife and two children. He loves to travel, sports, and food. 

Benjamin Anders – Head of Technology

15 years of experience in developing software, working with global teams across the US, Europe and Asia. He goes the extra mile, not just as a passionate runner and road biker, but by finding solutions in challenging business projects. He lives with his wife and dog in Germany.

Kerry Williams, Director, Customer Success

Blessed with a wealth of industry experience in both operations and project management.  Always on the lookout for an adventure (sans passport), She enlivens the TellZen team with her endless enthusiasm, and humor. Her commitment to exceptional customer service is rivaled only by her love of the Red Sox, Patriots and every dog she meets.

Juanita Brosal, VP, Case Management

Over 25 years of senior leadership experience working in HR with a global company more than 85,000 employees. She loves to travel and spending time with her cute grandkids. She loves helping employees while balancing organizational needs, which is what attracted her to TellZen.

Dan Marini, Director, Business Development

Inside Sales Professional with 20+ years of a proven track record around sales leadership, planning and execution.  His draw to Tellzen is helping organizations of all sizes and industries reach their full potential by harnessing the power of employees in terms of engagement/retention, Diversity & Inclusion and on-going relations. Dan is a husband and father of three who enjoys traveling, reading, fitness, and music.

Linda Talarico, Director, Sales

Over two decades across multiple verticals ranging from Fortune 500 to private organizations.  She was immediately drawn to the TellZen family vision and values, empathy toward the employee voice and considers herself a high-spirited Culture Champion. She is a soccer and coffee enthusiast, enjoys traveling to Italy with her husband and three kids, and snuggling with her Wheaton Terrier.

Questions and Concerns

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

We are the only solution that helps HR in Engagement & Retention, Diversity & Inclusivity and Employee Relations in a confidential and interactive manner. Our solution gives real-time insights on Employee NPS, Cultural NPS, and Employee issues to identify trends and spot issues.

We have an open-door policy and committees. Do we still need your solution?

We empower protected employee groups (gender, sexual orientation, religion, veterans, etc.) with complete confidentiality so they do not have to worry about being ridiculed or retaliation. Unfortunately, open-door policy and committees do not solve the inherent employee fear challenges.

How is it different than an annual employee engagement survey?

Employee feedback is interactive (closed-loop), anytime that can make a significant impact on employee engagement and retention.

How is it different than a Hotline?

An employee does not trust a hotline as being anonymous (caller ID) and fears that reporting an issue regarding them or speaking up for the other employees will result in retaliation. Ask yourself, as an HR leader do you get all the issues with complete information? Also, a hotline does not lead to follow up conversations, cannot capture rich media and creates duplicate work to manually enter information into other programs.

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Our solution is based on building employee trust that leads to employee empowerment and sharing ideas and issues. Our proven solution is used in multiple industries of various sizes, eliminating HR workload.

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn’t it worked for?

Our solution is ideal for an employee base of 100+ employees in multiple locations and 250+ employees in a single location. Anything less than that may not be an ideal fit for TellZen.

How do I present this to my team?

The ideal way to present the business case is to show them the cost-saving using our calculator. In addition, automatic case logging saves time and promotes collaboration within the team without needing to create and share case documents.

What are typical contract terms?

We treat you the way we wanted to be treated. Cancel anytime and get a refund.

What type of support do you offer?

We are a global team with members in the USA, Germany, and India that support our clients 24 hours a day.

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?

We are excited to help HR create an employee-centric organization that promotes employee happiness, innovation and growth. We believe confidentiality and interactive communication is just the begining of solving the Complete Employee Satisfaction Dream