Most companies review their employee’s work performance once a year.  But that may be changing soon.  Some businesses feel that there are several flaws in annual performance reviews.  Some of those flaws include the constant change of managers and resources, painting an inaccurate picture of the entire year, and favoritism.  Because of these flaws, these companies are now switching to a continuous performance feedback system.  This is known as continuous performance management.

What Is Continuous Performance Management

Continuous performance management is an HR performance management process that takes place several times a year instead of one annual appraisal.  Since performance feedback occurs more often, this works well for both the manager and the employee.  It helps build a healthy, more productive workplace relationship.

Why Companies Are Eliminating Annual Performance Reviews

More and more companies are eliminating annual performance reviews because they’re becoming outdated.  Many businesses are fast-paced and employee’s work responsibilities are changing rapidly.  That’s why many employers are moving to a continuous performance management system.  Besides managers and employees alike do not like annual performance reviews, according to recent studies.

95% of HR managers do not like long-established performance management customs. 51% of employees feel that annual reviews are extremely inaccurate.  These are excellent reasons why you should have a more continuous process.

How Continuous Performance Management Works

A major component of this process is the check-in.  A check-in is a one-on-one meeting between the employee and their manager.  This is where they discuss a number of objectives including personal development, priorities, any new objectives to add, and any issues or concerns.

Check-ins usually take place every one to three months. The benefits of check-ins are that they’re continuous instead of once a year.  They can quickly quantify the employee’s skill set and if necessary, find peer mentors to help the employee succeed.  Just like formal reviews, check-ins should be documented so the employee and the manager fully understand what is expected.

Managers should also constantly provide employees with feedback. This should be done along with periodic check-ins.  Don’t wait for a formal review to let your employees know how they’re doing.  This helps reinforce positive behaviors, correct unwanted actions, and encourage progress.

Confidential, continuous conversation can help HR transform the culture at your company.  Continuous performance feedback, peer recognition, and engagement are other areas TellZen can help you make an organizational impact.  Click here to request a free demo of our workplace solution. Or for more information, you can call us at 617-571-4609, or email us at