Workforce retention is a major challenge for organizations

As the workforce continues to change, technology advances cause shifts to occur in how, where, and when people work.

Maintaining a highly skilled workforce is essential to maintaining a competitive footing.
High employee turnover has financial repercussions which can cost twice an employee salary, lower performance, and morale can all compromise a company’s reputation.
Keeping employees engaged through active communications is critical. The reduction of compliance and ethical complaints through improved employee feedback is proven to enhance employee retention.

 TellZen helps to enhance employee retention by improving employee engagement, ensuring confidential employee feedback, and mitigating ethical and compliance issues that might lead to high employee turnover.

 The TellZen confidential employee engagement platform opens the door to exposing the critical factors that lead to employee turnover and loss:

 1. Communication and feedback: To retain skilled employees, open lines of communication must exist. Open communication helps employees to approach you when they have ideas, questions, and concerns. Managers should in turn, provide employees with feedback about their performance regularly. Address concerns and issues as they arise. Anonymous employee surveys increase response rate by 90%. The data from the surveys can then be used to make necessary adjustments to boost employee trust and retention.  

 2. Listen to employees: By listening to employees, you can learn a lot. You learn about their challenges at work, and ideas to improve the company. Listening to employees helps you know what’s going on in their life on the job. Learning what keeps the employees in the company and what would make them leave can be invaluable to forming business decisions.

 3. Encouraging Communications: A confidential communication channel that can be used as mobile app, text, web or voice enables all levels of the company to communicate in a secure confidential manner.


Employees are empowered to air their issues without fear because their identity is anonymous. TellZen gives employees a confidential voice they never had before. It provides an open channel for employees to report ethical issues such as sexual harassment, verbal abuse, physical intimidation, compliance concerns like property theft and embezzlement of company assetts. TellZen can be used to enhance confidentiality and boost a better understanding of the ethical and compliance issues the company may be having.

 The platform then engages the employee and the responsible leader in a communication for the next steps to resolve the problem. All these are done without exposing the identity of the employee therefore the employee is not at risk of losing thier job. This is critical to addressing issues that lead to turnover.

One of the best ways to enhance communication between the leaders and employees is the use of the TellZen employee relationship management platform. The platform allows employees to give their honest opinion about the issues they grapple with daily without the fear of intimidation or getting fired.  

TellZen’s employee communication platform serves as a tool for increasing employee retention. By providing anonymous and interactive communications to present employee issues and ideas.

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